Beard Oil 30ml


A light oil that revitalises both your beard and skin. It will leave your beard in prime condition, feeling soft, silky and smelling great. Kick start your daily beard grooming routine whilst nourishing your skin underneath, keeping it supple and moisturised throughout the day.

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Key Ingredients:

Black Pepper Vitamin A, D & E Sandalwood Tea Tree Oil Eucalyptus Oil Argan Oil Sweet Almond Oil Shea Nut Butter


  • Gives skin a soft and silky feel, gives hair a sheen
  • Maintains skin and hairs youthful appearance
  • Soft non greasy feel to the skin and hair
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Maintains soft supple skin
  • Highly moisturising and leaves hair shiny and soft
  • Helps improve dry skin and hairs appearance
  • Promotes skin healing 
  • Soothing antibacterial properties


Squeeze a couple of drops from the bottle and rub into your beard evenly. For best results, use after Bear Grooming Beard Wash.


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