We work with many awesome barbers within the industry so we thought we’d introduce a new blog series; Ask The Barber. We want to better understand what makes them tick, their lifestyle and what inspired them to get into their field. This month we have had the pleasure of talking with LA’s Renjie from Archive
When did you start in the sport of mixed martial arts?  I started competing in MMA when I was 15, I didn’t have any training or coaching and lied about my experience/training/age just to get a fight….it didn’t end well for me haha Where did your interest come from to compete in a combat sport?
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BG IPA was created in partnership with Three Hills Brewing – an upcoming craft brewery who know their stuff when it comes to creating quality craft beers. Together we have created what we believe is a blend every bit as unique as our discerning tribe.  BG IPA has been made using four different kinds of
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As you spend time grooming your hipster beards this morning, spare a thought for those guys who are unable to grow beards.  There are whole swathes of men throughout the world who are unable to grow anything beyond a whisper of hair no matter what they do.   Google ‘help to grow a beard’ and
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The time has arrived for another Ask The Bearded Guy blog. This time we had the pleasure of interviewing the legendary Raekwon from the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. Raekwon is also an avid user of our products, so we took the opportunity to talk to him about our brand, grooming routine, music and lifestyle. When did